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We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find out about my home city Perth, Western Australia.

Perth is one of the most remote and beautiful cities of the world. I highly recommend a visit to my home town.

It has a population of just over 2 Million people and is situated on the Swan River and has a coastline on the Indian Ocean.

It started life as a settlement in 1829 and is now a modern city and the international gateway to Western Australia.

Let’s search and see what we can find.


First listing on  is the Buy and Sell in Perth Facebook Page.



 the lastest items for sale across Perth using the Facebook platform.

Our second listing found on

Is the things to do in Perth Facebook page.


A list of places in Perth to Eat, Drink, Go Sightseeing, Hotels to stay at, Places to shop at, Nightclub and Bars, Cafe, Museums and Outdoor activities.
The third listing found on
Is a Perth Instagram account with 4 Million Posts.


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The Humpback March👣 A steady march towards the Kimberly is starting to take place amongst the Humpback Whales of Western Australia with the fast approaching winter set to see over 45,000 on the move🐳 We love this image of three Humpbacks approaching us with a fourth breaching in the background, the WA coastline is about to come alive with the arrival of our beloved Humpbacks😍 #WhaleWatchWesternAustralia #JoinThePod #LearnTheLanguageOfTheWhales #WhaleWatchWA #WesternAustralia #Australia #ThisisWA #SeeAustralia #Perth #Fremantle #BremerBay #Augusta #FlindersBay #AustraliasSouthWest #VisitAustralia #Nature #WhaleWatch #WhaleWatchingWesternAustralia #CetaceanExploration

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Including a post on Whale watching one of the many great things you can do in Perth.  (When you come here)

So these are the top 3 listings of Social Media Search Engine.

We hope you give it a go and Discover More..

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