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We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find posts about one of my favourite Cities in the world. Chicago USA.  I visited there in 2006 and have always wanted to return there for a visit.  I hope the Covid-19 lock downs end some time soon

Chicago Illinois is the 3rd most populated city in the USA.  Located on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Let’s search and see what we can find.


First listing on  is a tumblr account WBEZ NPR news for Chicago.

Vernal Green fire hydrant

Is a news report from Chicago about water shortages in Chicago.

Is the Chicago Facebook Market Place
Hammond Home Buyers!
Shown on the picture is a listing for this house in Hammond Indiana listed at $1 ..  I’m assume to get people interested.  Don’t know why listed on the Chicago MarketPlace but this is whats on there.
The third listing found on
is a linkedin account for employment opportunities at UBS in Chicago fr Legal Counsel.

Associate General Counsel

UBSChicago, IL

So these are the top 3 listings of Social Media Search Engine.

We hope you give it a go and Discover More..

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