Mount Everest

It wasn’t that long ago I trekked up to Mount Everest Base camp.  Searched and found this site. Under the search term “Mount Everest”

This instagram site has amazing photo of Mount Everest.

Funny Vehicle Wraps

Found this site while searching isearchsocial .com. A site that posts about funny vehicle wraps, There’s some really creative ones shown on this Pinterest site. I think the one I like the most is the corn cob. Discover More…
Funny vehicle wraps
Funny vehicle wraps
Discover prodezigns’s collection, Funny vehicle wraps

Searching Lee Child on Social Media Search Engine.


Welcome to our blog regarding all things Social Media.

We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find out about the author Lee Child.

Lee Child is most famous for being the author of the Jack Reacher series

The Jack Reacher novels are my favourite books of all time.  The Jack Reacher series is Crime Fiction.

In 1997 his first book the Killing Floor was first published and he has written one Jack Reacher novel a year from this date.

I look forward to his next book The Sentinal due out soon.

So what did find out about Lee Child.

His first listing was his personal Facebook account followed by over 220,000 people


Posted by Lee Child on Saturday, January 18, 2020

This post was about his new Novel The Sentinel,  Not quite out in Australia but hopefully not too far away.

The Second listing on was Jack Reacher books found on Twitter  with over 79,000 followers.

Is an interview that Lee Child about the art of story telling.


The Third Listing found on was another Facebook article from his page.


**ANNOUNCEMENT!**Lee Child and Karin Slaughter have brought Jack Reacher and Will Trent together for the very first…

Posted by Lee Child on Thursday, April 25, 2019

about a book with Lee Child and Karin Slaughter have written together called Cleaning the Gold.

So these are the top 3 listings of Social Media Search Engine.

We hope you give it a go and Discover More..

What did we find searching Dude Perfect?

Welcome to our blog regarding all things Social Media.

We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find out about Dude Perfect.

I love Dude Perfect and My family loves Dude Perfect so it was only fitting that we review them as our first blog.

Dude Perfect is Social Media giant entertaining over 50 Million Youtube subscribers with trick shots,  skill games and all sorts of other entertainment.  They are currently the second most subscribed sports channel on Youtube.

Dude Perfect’s members are all friends from College days and are Ty, Cory, Coby, Cody and (The Purple Hosier) Garett.  They are based out of Frisco in Texas.

So what did find out about Dude Perfect.

Our first listing was their instagram account with 10.5 Million Followers


A truly epic basketball shot from Ty off a very tall tower.

Second listing found on   

was Dude Perfect’s twitter account with over 420,000 followers



With Ty (again),  Having a bowl in a skate park.

The Third listing found on

was Dude Perfect’s Facebook account with over 18 Million Followers.


Trust Shots with Dude Perfect

Jimmy checks in with the guys of Dude Perfect, who share at-home trust shots they did with their families and coach Jimmy through a trust shot with his daughters, Winnie and Franny.

Posted by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, April 16, 2020

One of there latest posts with Jimmy Fallon and the whole gang with family trust shots.

So these are the top 3 listings of Social Media Search Engine.

We hope you give it a go and Discover More.. Our Social Media Search Engine


Welcome to our first blog entry.

We look forward to sharing the results we find from our social media search engine.

We will be searching Posts from interesting people,  amazing places and looking at the latest trends in Social Media search.

Hope you enjoy the search engine.

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