TikTok, The Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing

How Big is TikTok?
Created by Bytedance, the app now known as TikTok was launched in September 2016 in the Chinese market under the name Douyin (抖音). The name roughly translates to “Shaking Sound.” Within just one year the app had over 100 million monthly active users. With this astounding success, Bytedance…

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TikTok on next-generation travel marketing on social media

Article on TikTok, Is it already a main stream social media product?

Ask one subset of people about TikTok and you’ll get a barrage of links to funny clips involving cats, magicians blowing your mind or someone setting up a tent in 1.5 seconds. You get the idea. The video-sharing network, to those aged over 25 years or so, might seem like a huge distraction and yet another service that is keeping younger generations away from the real world.


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