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We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find posts about my  favourite movie  growing up Top Gun.

As a young person this movie made me want to be an Air force pilot something that I spent a good chunk of my youth aiming for until I found out I was to tall to be accepted as a pilot.

I wanted to wear the leather jacket and the mirrored sunglasses and be Maverick.  So it didn’t happen but this movie still gives me great memories.

This movie was released in 1986 and starred Tom Cruise .  Hear that a Top Gun 2 is coming out also.

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First listing on  is topgunmovie Instagram account  with over 77 thousand followers.



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Feel the need. Watch the NEW #TopGun: Maverick trailer tomorrow.

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Is a twitter account topgunmovie with over  37 thousand followers


It was a survey on the best quotes from the movie.  I agree “I feel the need…The need for speed.”

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Is a Facebook account topgunmovie with 2.3 Million Followers
Here is a video trailer for the new movie.
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