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We are using our Social Media Search Engine to find posts about many peoples favourite food CHOCOLATE.  Milk, Dark and even white chocolate.

Chocolate was originally a drink consumed by the people of central America in its history we have only recently made it into solid bars which are consumed happily all around the world.


Let’s search and see what we can find.


First listing on  is a company based on Melbourne (Australia) called Mork Chocolate with over 32 thousand followers.

This company does hot chocolates and has some fantastic photos of what they create on this page.


Is another Instagram account this time for the Noosa Chocolate Factory with over 12 thousand followers.

This post shows off a chance to win $50 of mothers day chocolates.
The third listing found on
Is a Facebook account platypichocolate located in Victoria with over 1 thousand followers.

Showing fantastic cake creation

So these are the top 3 listings of Social Media Search Engine.

We hope you give it a go and Discover More..